Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the Valley of Shadow.....

Since many years I've thought of my aim in life.......first I thought a lawyer would be awesome, but then considering the 'wonderful' Indian judicial system and the possibility that I might have to spend my entire life trying a single case I very readily decided otherwise.
Floating between dimensions taking out the bad guys was an option ruled out quite before..
waited till I became 16 to check out my mutant powers but it turned out to be nothing I could decipher, had to compensate by sticking pencils between my fingers(you know why)
Finally I decided that I'd be a soldier fighting for my and my country's pride but dad says that my 'good' health prevents me from this, finally I lie on the veneer between the worlds contemplating on what to do
The following is a poem written by me on the 'Soldier's life'

Life of a Soldier......

Here in the rebel prison
Pining all the livelong day,
I am dreaming, sad and lonely
of the dear ones far away:
Comrades brave are sinking round me,
I like them may droop and die.
But though Tyrant-chains have bound me,
UNION! Still shall be my cry.

Farewell dear ones! If I perish
Hard I fought our flag to save
Then, the Soldier's memory cherish,
Lying in a distant grave.

Would I were once more in Battle
Mingling in the bloody strife!
Not where Rebel walls are crushing,
But a free-born Soldiers life!
But in bonds each aspiration,
Are for Freedom-though I die!
God preserve our glorious Nation!
UNION! Peace and Liberty!
- Jason


  1. nice poem...ur poem actually echoed the sentiments of a soldier...good goin....